Monday, September 5, 2011


Oh haaii guys.

So this post will be a short reflective post providing you with a short yet highly informative synopsis of the left overs of summer. Admittedly I am writing this whilst multitasking (yes, I know, scattered energy), but this is good multitasking. I am watching Portlandia, can someone please come forth and agree with me that this is one of the funniest television shows, like, possibly ever !? Perhaps it's my tastes in completely obscene, blatantly obnoxious, awkward humor that creates a means for me taking an affinity to this masterpiece. So yeah, this show; sign me up.

Anyways, back to the initial train of thought. It's September guys. *Tear, but also, simultaneously, YES* Fall fashion is already causing me heart palpitations at all the possibilities and contrasts and broody tones and beautiful people. So I suppose this entire shift is more so a pro than a con. Plus, Fall is going to be off the hook. So many side projects and personal projects and misc endeavors to embark on, bring it on. So, also, speaking of side projects; this past month a book I am working on found me at a cabin, like, a real live, no drinking water, no showers, "cabin". I have to say, I wholeheartedly enjoyed the experience (albeit multiple internal cries for help), but alas, all in all, I would go back and challenge my metropolis self to live off the grit. Sadly, I can't show you any work from the cabin in agreement that you all have to  wait in anticipation until you pee your pants waiting for this book to release. But I can flaunt some personal work of my pal Hannah. She's tall, drop dead gorgeous, dresses to kill, and photographs stupidly well. Photos below: In the mean time, I am going to continue crushing on Carrie Brownstein, and dream of life in Portland.

Au revoir.

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