Sunday, August 14, 2011

dungeon dragon.

It has been, as of tonight, nearly a week since I returned to the town of tumble weeds and raging prairie from a city of ocean and sky rises and yet I have failed to post a single piece of photographic evidence. But I digress. I have been serving coffee relentlessly thus leaving me little time to shout out silly anecdotes from my trip to Vancouvah, never mind edit and decide which images I want to share with the world. So here is a lazy attempt to satisfy, at least in images, and provide some insight into the amazingness that was our trip.

On a side note, summer's end is approaching, which, lets be honest, SUCKS. But alas comes the moody season we call Fall, allowing for: layering, darker tones and textures, cute backpacks and warm beverages (come get one from me!?), boots and long jackets, leather, leather, did I say leather? And in my case, a much anticipated noticeable mop chop and new body modifications, (maybe).

Also, the title of this post will have more relevance shortly, promise.

Happy August. Stay cool.


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