Monday, September 26, 2011

My heart is burning.

Hey hey, 

Looks like fall has dropped in with a bang, a bang that has caused an increase of orange and yellow in my backyard, and a reason to throw on a sweater at night. Personally I am somewhat relieved this season has preserved it's self, as Fall is absolutely, without a doubt, the most romantic season, as well as a fantastic time for introspection and self reflection. 

Speaking of, this fall for moi has been just that. With a relationship hitting it's one year mark and being nothing less than amazing and intoxicating, my thoughts have been doing back handsprings in my head over what the future has in store. I have never felt so grown up, so developed, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, I feel like I could marry this women and be elated for the rest of my life. I like this newly resurrected feeling, (I have admittedly felt like this before, at 16, I grew up fast). But that feeling was quickly lost to certain things, meaning the process was far from completed. Alas, here I am, 22 years young and entirely embracing my destiny. My career, my geography, my girl, myself, and my social circle. I like the momentum I have achieved, and it will only remain and strengthen if I let it. So aside from letting fall dictate your fashion choices, and the beverages you acquire, let it be a time for yourself. Make sure you are happy with your trajectory, and make your decisions intuitively, design your life!!

Also happening in my world. I have been shooting the shit like mad, and quitting the coffee serving job I have been at for the last 1000 days of my life. (A baby would have been born and almost had their 4th birthday in the same amount of time I have been serving coffee to hipsters, terrifying). Don't worry, I can't by a Jag and fly away on a unicorn just yet, I will be charging for my work from now on, I CAN'T BACK DOWN ON THIS. It is imperative or else I will never be able to buy a unicorn (aka pay bills). As nice as I am, money is a life force, an energy, and the more I decline it, the more I avert it. Thus, come one come all, I will happily let you pay for your images.

An article and mini interview was published on me in The Uniter http :// <<<<<< Read it, it's worth it!

Alright, go get your fall on. 


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