Friday, September 30, 2011


Hello world,

Just a quick, albeit photo packed post to relay some updates and misc news. Woah, it's friday, is it ever. My body is tingling with the anticipation of what seems like a promisingly productive, yet simultaneously relaxing weekend. That's the key isn't it? Reminds me of a quote I gravitated towards years ago now about being calm and focused in motion, and alert and intrigued in repose. Dream mentality. Anyways. Just wanted to bring forth the exciting news that I have added a price list (finally) to my website. For all things price oriented, you now have a beacon of light to help you navigate. I love all things user friendly, direct, hands on, and simple. So I'm hoping implementing this gives potential clients all that, and more.

Before I go. Feist's new album is streaming,, I devoured it like sweet dessert. This saturday is Nuit Blanche at the WAG. Be there, be there early, (if you have any recollection of what went down last year you will definitely want to be there early!). I believe that is all.

Stay cool.


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