Tuesday, February 15, 2011

in sum;

So, in amongst my incessant blog reading, (like obsessively), I came to the sad realization that I have yet again let a many hours pass by, hours that turned into days, and days that turned into a month, since my last post. Truth be told, I seem to have a whole multitude of outlets to converse and conclude, crush and curse, critique and conspire, that blog ranting seems to have trickled down to the bottom of my priority list. Woah, hello words that start with C. But yeah, essentially I just haven't had the time/ and or the content to dispel into the vast internets. Thus, I wanted to dedicate this post to a brief summary of a little bit a this, a little bit a that, pertaining more specifically to what is on my mind, like right now, to those of you who care.

I turned twenty-two 2 weeks ago, and leave for Calgary tomorrow, just sayin. 

But, to the good stuff: 


 the prospect of bangs

bringing back (re-inserting) my belly ring?!
Alexa fucking Chung

great people leaving for greater places (bye kristel ^^ <3) 

power women who dress the part

my sudden re-born attraction to pinks, and women wearing them.

short hair


refining my aesthetic 


developing my ring collection 

Hi Calgary, bye Winnipeg 

I demand a new album, like now. 

severe inspirations 

getting a second job, and my up and coming wedding photography business, (hush, hush)



my bed (and a certain girl who frequents it)

fashion photography

loud clothing. 

Alright, until next time, (another couple months), stay cool. 

ps: all photos taken form various sources, some are my own, others are from flickr contacts. message me for credits.

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