Wednesday, April 13, 2011

away away

hey followers. 

So yesterday, post work, sitting around on countertops smoking a Benson and Hedges cig, a dear friend of mine confidently brought to my attention my lack of blog updating.(meaning she follows it, I am excited about this.) On some inherent level, I felt bad, the sort of bad you feel when you realize you should have paid for dinner, or offered (insert name here) a ride home. Perhaps it was a worser "bad" than those trivial examples but I felt sad inside. Like I had failed to fulfill an obligation to someone extravagant. So here I am, a night's sleep later, feeling highly hopeful blogging will be a more regular occurring thing, but thats me being a optimist wanting an outlet to shamelessly banter about myself. 

So since we last spoke, oh many things have happened in ma vie. Said things include everything from eating sushi 4 out of 7 days a week, attending my first passion party and regretfully leaving empty handed, hitting the 6 month point in la romance. Alas, spring is here, which means the layers are shedding themselves into piles and piles meaning our skin can freely flirt with the sun once again, agh. I have been taking photos with a fresh perspective on innovation and personal style. Lots to come, lots to flaunt. The latest issue of Sandbox came out, and should be in your hands pronto. I happen to be featured on the contributers page amongst other babely, talented individuals, an honor if I must. Here's hoping spring hatches new beginnings and ample opportunity to replenish from a cold, long wintertime. 

This one's for you Ayla <3 

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