Monday, December 13, 2010

not with you.

up late, in hopes of consolidating some sort of photo catalogue from my weekend, my weekend of copious amounts of free beer, boxer briefs, celebratory parties, fake fur, good company, banana bread baked with love and chain smoking like its 1989. I was on beer number 4 of night numero deux sans camera when I realized I should probably not be sans camera as much as I am in social settings like said party. I have said it once though, I am not a documentary photog, I would much rather be involved. I like to be on the sideline at the most particular of times. 

Anyways, got bored, fixed up a self portrait. I was such a skype whore tonight, contrary to popular belief. I broke my record and skped for a accumulative 5 hours. Woah. But at least it was with the cutest girl I know, with appearances from unexpected skypers and my gal Rags. 

oh, and video for you. I would give these girls my heart. 

sleep tight. 

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