Thursday, December 9, 2010

got purpose?

For fuck sakes. I am tired.

Today while I was driving en route to hummus central, (sobeys), to retrieve my free lunch, via gift card someone considerate threw my way. I guess they were subconsciously aware of my starving artist state that arises some weeks. So, anyways, driving. I was driving nicely close to a black focus (the one I drive is white) with a bumper sticker reading "got purpose?". I assumed in that moment that a hefty portion of viewers of said profound bumper sticker probably initially felt pretty inspired, or discouraged, depending on whether they had established their purpose or not. In fact, I wonder how many car accidents that thing causes? Or how many lives it has influenced. I will be honest, It threw my brain into hyper mode. I wondered about my purpose, had I found mine? I like to think I have. Is my purpose in life to eat hummus and sushi and hit on women? Or is there something far more significant tucked into my stars? You know what? Back when I dipped my toes into the hippy dippy side of life, that was weird, I begged the woman I share a car with for the approval of posting a bumper sticker that reads to this day, "go vegan". That was 3 years ago, that shit is still plastered to my car, bold as ever, while the non vegan driver lounges in the front seat smoking a cigarette and eating bakudan. But listen, I am not as hypocritical as you must be thinking. I mean, I was vegan until this summer, and I obviously still encourage it, but not to the extent of exhibiting that sticker. Agh, mental that I have driven my car with that thing for 3 years. Time to remove it, time, time, time. Especially since regressing to a pescetarian diet, (only for salmon people). But, the point of that is I wondered what those people were trying to promote with that sticker? Had they found their purpose once, forever? Or did they just want to have an impression on people? Conclusion, wins best motivational bumper sticker award, ever. 

So, purpose or not. Who cares. On to more exciting topics. I got my head shaved today, thus I am missing 15% of my hair and my top bun is skinnier, tighter, fitter than ever. My god of a hairdresser, Yen, convinced me to start small and shave the back, as oppose to original side shave idea, been there fucking done that. So, fresh hair in tow, straight as ever, smooth as ever. I was told today my hair smelled like a straight girls hair, HUH. I did not know straight girls had a preferred scent, crazy town. I can't wait to smell gay again, cant wait. 

Lastly, still brewing up a game plan to make some evolutionary changes to this blog. Ideas are being sprawled on a silver platter like wine and cheese and I am staying up into the strange hours figuring out this thing we call HTML, RSS, et cetera. I am small fish in a big sea when it comes to that language. I do not speak it yet, but I am learning. Soon I will be able to walk. Stay posted. If you want to contribute, let me know. Someone once told me, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Has a sort of religious undertone, but it makes sense.  

(via Yen's phone)

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