Monday, December 13, 2010

artist love: hailey rose jones

I know I originally wanted to highlight an artist at least weekly, but, of course, life happens and everything else unhappens. 

So, here I am, with my second ever artist post. second ever. Don't take that as an indication as to how lazy I can be, I just had to stock pile a bunch of fabulous people, albiet artists, who I felt I could see myself writing about. So, here I present you with Hailey. I don't know much about her, other than she is of a ripe age (all the good photographers are these days, what the fuck?), and photographs the most beautiful of all people. I think its safe to say that initially it was her consistently captivating portraits of women that drew me in, and it was definitely an instant connection. I didn't have to learn to love her work, no thoughts were had. 

I discovered her work on a random other blog I follow, and of course went apeshit devouring every last gulp of what her then new flickr portfolio had to offer. She keeps posting, and posting, and posting. Each photo holding more technique, stronger edits, tighter compositions. She is someone to watch, even if she only ever shoots her friends, who wouldn't want to be a part of that? I think a lot of biases come into play, because I think a big part of why I covet her work is the inflation of females pouring out of her images, but its the way she photographs them, edits them. There is an innocence, a youthful lining to her work that makes you wish you were part of her world. For a young girl, she seems to really connect to her subjects without constructing anything too contrived or over photoshopped, the worst. I feel like she could make anyone look fabulous, and really pulls the beauty out of the most ordinary of features, thats a truly sparse ability, a true talent. I also have read her blog, and for once its refreshing to read words by an artist that aren't all hopeful and positive. She seems to be a bit more real, self deprecating if anything, and keeps things in perspective. That is what cool is.

so drown your keyboard in admirable drool. dis is talent right 

ps: some of these have been posted already. and her work can be found here: 

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