Thursday, December 16, 2010


So, today was a day of firsts. And really great firsts at that. I had eel for the first time in a sushi roll, as I have become a pescatarian recently, yah yah, whole nother story. But, I honestly didn't think I would ever stray from my vegetarianism for anything, but alas bakudan came along, followed by eel, and now I am lost in all this sushi experimentation. I am stopping there, have to, have to. So, I eat the eel, while thinking of Sloane Crosley and her amazing and totally comedic essay on becoming a pescatarian for eel, and other various forms of sushi after a mega mental long stint as a vegan. Sushi has super powers, that no other food has. So, I eat said eel, and initially I am pretty satisfied, not too fishy, not too meaty, not too anything, unique to its self. Then I get home, eel happily digesting, and google it for funsies. Holey shit, I almost ran to the bathroom and puked. I can't believe I ate such a indescribable looking creature, ominous if anything. Barf. I can't decide if I am going to go sans eel, or go back for round two. I will have to rock paper scissor that shit, like I do all important decisions in my life. 


So, eel said and done. I also made a brief visit to the bed of my girlfriend's today, for the first time, ever. Circumstances have kept me from entering her home, albiet a short midnight visit in the summer months for tea drinking and girl talk. So, her home, and more importantly, her bed, not only met my expectations, but went above and beyond. Her bed is the cutest bed in all the land, and a girls bed says a lot about her, believe me. I wont go into detail because thats private territory but you would wish you got to sleep in that bed if you saw it. I also witnessed, during said bed visit, her pup eat her cell phone, scratch my face dead center, leaving me with a absolutely stunning tomato red line going vertically up my face. It was good first visit, of many and many to come. Lastly on my list of things, I went back into the archives of the sartorialist today for inspiration and just to give some credit to styles tucked away into the past. I found 10 I really like, and wanted to share. Each one excites me, I dig their jams, feel their vibes. 


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