Monday, December 20, 2010

la nuit.

Tonight I had bubble tea, so cultured, with an old friend of mine, someone I am forever indebted to, for so many reasons. I will spare you my admiration for this man, but yes, we had a brodown tonight whilst dissecting theory of religion and perspectives. Sounds so smart. So, alas it is sunday and I am still up, yawns rolling in like mail on a monday, body limp and crying out for slumber. Shut eye here I come. 

Oh, and, tonight, best thing ever happened. Okay, first, some context. I never, like ever, find things that happen to potentially be useful to me. I never find money, bus tickets, mitts, photos, mail, anything that I don't need to immediately give back. ie wallet, medication, love note, et cetera. BUT, but, today as I was leaving the university of bubble tea and pool, I saw this amazing, wool, beige, soft as fucckkk, and endless flowing scarf lying on the stairs, abandoned as ever. I walked past it, and something clicked, some weird, innate feeling that was just pulling me back. I turned around and went over to said scarf, scooped it up and examined it. It was clean, not too worn, so soft, ahh, and smelt like woman. Strong, husky, women scent. I thought about leaving it for the owner to find, but my friend told me that it would make its way to the lost and found and wither and eventually be forgotten. So, alas, I did what he said and took it. I adopted it and threw it on to compensate for my lack of appropriate clothing and progressively colder temperatures I was about to walk into. It saved me from potential frost bite, though the smell of the previous owner nearly gagged my on the drive home. Barf. Why do chicks wear perfume, honestly, I will never understand. Even my man friend was experiencing watery eyes, heads up ladies, easy on the chemicals. So, scarf in the wash, I have officially found something extraordinary in my lifetime. I can cross that off the list. 


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