Wednesday, November 10, 2010


crazytown wednesday. 

I am currently calling paint shop after paint shop looking for the perfect painters hat to put the finishing touches on my painter "uniform" for tonight's homohop event. Back track 10 minutes and you would have found me perched on my living room floor, sans any preparation, throwing chunks of aged, hardened, and bright paints onto my white tshirt, discovered at the bottom of my "shirts I don't like but keep for occasions like this" drawer. I couldn't take the plunge and destroy my white pants, so I will appear as a painter who knows how to keep business above the belt. Oh, and if you haven't got your tickets yet, what the hell are you waiting for? 

I also wanted to share my newest favorite sartorialist image. This womens jam is sweeter than ever, I want to steal everything she is wearing. I am feeling her. 

stay cool 


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