Sunday, November 7, 2010

beat. broken. bruised.

Happy sunday blogger people.

I am returning from a small, expected hiatus from blogland; in the most exhausted, drained, sore state I have been in in months. This is the realized outcome of performing Muay Thai, on 5 hours of dream time and a hungover body to drag around. I am beat. I am relaxed yet restless. I am amazed by my stamina in such a state. I am broken yet completely together. I am bruised, in the best way possible. Oh, the beauty of martial arts. Today, sans my boxing friend for emotional support and comedic disruptions, I attended MT alone, and exhausted. There were 5 of us, all women, all hung over, (minus the middle aged, refined, responsible one). With the flick of the radio switch, and the beats of really, really good hip hop and soul that my instructor consistently surprises us with, we were set to go. To skip for 15 minutes, do countless situps, punching combinations, squats, bag drills, cest la vie. You know, this class is actually quite tame for me, I used to fight, at the highest level, at my previous club, just saying. Though, so enjoyable and still incredibly exhausting. I also really enjoy being a part of something that honors an all women dynamic. I feel a true sense of community and understanding. Coed, you just don't cut it. 

Today a good friend is celebrating her 21st year of living. Her and I had a very open, expressive tele conversation, I told her some personal girl "drama", but barely. She shared her own. We are having celebratory dinner at Segovia in under 2 hours and I still have to drag my 6 foot tall frame into the shower and then back to perform one of my "top 10" favorite tasks; getting dressed. I will be donning a masculine look this evening, combined subtly with some chic, unspoken femininity. My favorite. But, seriously, I have to get ready. Last night I attended the grand opening of Plug In Art Gallery, which I will talk about explicitly later, and also, new gay bar opening alert. Ou la la

Just got word I am la transportation for my lady tonight, so, now I have to go do everything I had to do before, with twice as much effort and thought. I like her. 


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