Friday, November 12, 2010

do better. be more.

Hey, hi. 

I somehow have managed to find some spare time in amongst my day to blog my thoughts away. I am currently waiting for my 2 best friends (one is more) to arrive and drive me (though the urge to drive myself is overbearing) to the university of Winnipeg's Gay center. I had no intention of going, but alas, it would be assuring to be able to say I have been, at least once before. 

2 days later, because I live such a busy life. 

So. Okay. It's now friday afternoon, though it feels like it could possibly pass as a monday, or even a wednesday. I failed to complete this post all in one go, (much how I write letters these days), sad. But i came back to tie up the loose ends. Said Gay center turned out to be very purple (appropriate), and quaint and cute. I dove into conversation with my girl as my friend had unexpectedly, yet completely expectedly run into someone terrificly special. I used my talent to assist in the making of a sign for homo hop, I think I applied glitter to one of the heads. Through all our collaborative efforts, it turned out brilliantly. The womyns center was lovely as well. I learned, finally, why feminists replace the E in women with a Y. In theory I think it is badass and necessary but I'm not sure how I feel about it in actuality. We then drove around, all of us in a state of extreme starvation, trying to decide on a place to eat. If I could get my way, relentlessly, I would only ever eat Bakudan, all the time. But we choose to go to the Spicy Noodle House, a post favorite restaurant of mine, 6 years ago, when I still ate things with heartbeats, and would religiously order the crispy chicken balls, holey jesus that shit was good. 10/10. But in my much more cultured, mature, informed state, I went with the vegetarian chow mein. Is that how you spell it? It was also too good to be true, but I put way too much hot sauce on it, as per usual. phewwww. I will quickly mention Homohop, and say it was fabulous. I went as a painter, which means, yes, I got to destroy a 40 dollar american apparel v neck for the occasion, which I think I mentioned, and drank wine that seriously tasted like soap, so disgusting. I danced around sock hop style, with my babe dressed as the most beautiful mechanic I have ever laid eyes on, and could just barely take my eyes off of. We had fun, my other gal pal dressed as a priest, and pulled it off perfectly. 10/10 C! I drove my ladies babely car to my place. She spent the night. 

I had to be up for a photoshoot with SANDBOX MAGAZINE for 9. She left at 7. I slept for an hour. Hard core. 

So, I really, really wanted to talk about this conversation I had with a friend (a wise, much older friend). I will summarize for you. This man usually likes to talk about deep, more serious topics. So, he asked me what I was doing with my life, currently. I answered, vaguely, because no one can ever answer a question like that literally. He told he thinks I should focus on one thing, "photography". That I should be "making shit happen in my field", because he always saw me as the kind of person who could. He said some things about my relationships, and where to invest my time, et cetera. He said I could do better, I could be more. And then said many more things about me that made me so squirmy and unsure if he was being serious or not. I really respect him and his advice, its nice to have someone see so much potential in you. Though I think my life is just fine. One thing he said though made me so happy, so happy to be me, so happy to have my friends and my circumstances. It was nice of him. Thanks P. I think it takes someone like this said person to reground you, to remind you that you have to find your own opportunities, you have to "make your own shit happen." 

or it never will. 

Stay warm.


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