Wednesday, October 13, 2010

did you do your best today?


My oh my it has been a while. I suppose I have been too busy eating sushi, boxing, (yes I rejoined, finally), car chatting until the strange hours, editing photos, and more editing of more photos, and seeing my favorite friendly faces. But, ultimately, just basking in gratefulness for this supremely perfect weather we've been experiencing.  

Last night officially my second website went live, but don't go looking just yet because; well, for one, its the exact same content that is on my first one, and secondly, its completely naked and not yet customized. I can't believe I now have two sites, 2 blogs, twitter, flickr, facebook, fuck. I mean, I absolutely love to exploit my life via the vast inter web, who doesn't. But quality over quantity, no? I will give all these seemingly beneficial outlets a trial run, and then let you know how I feel. I performed the ultimate selfish sin today and checked my stats on this thing. Turns out, in the last month alone, I have had over 600 views, as compared to 30 in august. Holey cow batman, I am glad some of you feel at home here. I am doing something right. I guess that only goes to reinforce that human beings do thrive on relativity and honesty, or some form of the two. I just want to thank those of you who read this, I will do my best to keep it interesting as possible. But, soon I will have a completely unassociated photography blog up as well, for good measure. I don't have much to complain, brag, advertise on here currently. I am awkwardly recovering from my first muay thai class in 8 months. A good friend essentially forced me into trying out her gym, which I was taken by, and so; so long life sans physical activity. I gave her so hard, with little to no difficulty, hitting harder than the majority of the class. (bragging rights). And paid for it for the next 2 days, and now on day 3, still can't cough or blow my nose, bananas!! But, alas, I can actually get out of bed sans pain. Phew. I also just read the most badass, shocking Dan Savage reply to a fairly generic complaint about stereotyping "believers" into, by default of their beliefs, being gay bashers. He completely told this person how it is in a blunt, yet totally digestible, refreshing way. I would post a link but cannot seem to find something I laid my eyes upon mere minutes ago. Yikes. 

Off to eat some steamed vegetable dumplings and green tea. What a life. 


ps: for you, day to night photos. Because lately I have become transfixed with the idea of transforming at night. Hm.  

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