Monday, September 20, 2010

you ain't born typical

Just to top off this nudity rant/phase I am in, I thought I would continue the thread/trend, and share an image before my departure into dreamland.

I have been listening to Love the way you lie on repeat all day, literally. I am not sure if this is a moment I should shrivel in shame or take pride in my top 40s confidence. Either way, Rihanna is my real reason for the excessive listening. Though, that is how I listen to "good" music. Shamelessly on repeat for days and days. I will spare you the potentially mundane details of my wet, cold, sad day. Though I will have you know I walked around in the rain, sat for a tea in the rain sans rain saving gear, sat in a restaurant for 3 hours, and did some serious labor work on one of my websites. That felt incredibly good, tomorrow will definitely call for more sweat in that department. When I do gain some substantial momentum a la website, I will be sure to post a link so you all can hit up my digits/email and get a portrait done, my speciality.

Till tomorrow.



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