Monday, September 20, 2010

impluse and nudity

Not the most coveted human trait.

But I gave into my own impulse to share these images, I just could not resist.

Not only is this artist brilliantly talented, but these women, I mean, really, chills.
I find it terribly intriguing when nudity can be used elegantly and in a sophisticated manner, as oppose to objectification and sexual exploitation. I mean, clearly these are documentations, raw, natural, organic images that hopefully were not taken with the intent of generating attention based on what being revealed. Nudity can be so beautiful and powerful, but seriously people, when will we stop with the immediacy of associating it with sex and power and, well, everything it isn't? I notice a lot of images these days contain subtle nudity, even amateurs in flickr town or sites of the like have plenty of innocent, stunning nude portraits on showcase. Obviously this is exhibit A that not only is it much more accepted these days as it used excessively and abrasively as a marketing tool, but people seem more comfortable than ever before when it comes to stripping down. Honestly, if there's skin, I'm in. Meaning, I love images that reveal something, give some context, something to think about. I would even undress given the right circumstance, and the right photographer.

So, is this a fad, a passive phase, a weird space the art world is in. Or is nudity here to stay? I am hoping for the latter.


I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



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