Tuesday, September 21, 2010

late starts, boy briefs, cosmos

I am so exhausted, I cannot finish, never mind even begin this sad, empty post. I started it with big ideas and lots of ambition and somehow got swept up in textathons and finishing my website, which is not going as smoothly as hoped.

Ironic how I was going to write about getting up at noon everyday as a result of noticing an increase in my productivity at night. I was going to write about how I want to change this, and here I am falling asleep on my laptop, which is burning up it is so exhausted. Old habits die hard I suppose. To leave you with some choppy, quick brief-age. I had a dream last night Tegan and Sara referred to my blog as perverted for including photos of nude women, WHAT? I thought this was especially strange seeing as how I even went to the extent to highlight appropriate, poetic nudity the previous post. At least I do not interpret my dreams as having any effect on my waking life, thank god for that. And, secondly, I bought the most fabulous set of boys boxer briefs today. I take loads of pride in this as I am not an underwear advocate, I have strong opinions as to why I see them as unnecessary, but these I could not resist. I am wearing the army ones to bed.

Okay. Off to dreamland. Sorry about the mediocrity.


Image: Garance Dore

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