Monday, September 20, 2010

top buns

Oh my, oh my.

I am so cold. It is 9:28 am. I have been up since 7:40, in a state of complete cold.
I am contributing my lack of sock wearing and ignorant decision to wear shorts to bed to this situation. I should know after all these years, all these nights, that that would end terribly.


So, I have just awoken from what was a purely enjoyable, rewarding, and elating weekend. Friends were scene, photos were taken, sushi was devoured, pizza was made, air was breathed, thoughts were thought, music was danced to, kisses were had, and beer was indulged in. I spent a greater portion of my weekend pondering the world of hair possibilities. To be banged or not to be banged, that is the question. To be blatantly honest, I have always sensed that perhaps there was potential for a bowl cut in the stars, but contrary to popular belief, friends are steering me in the opposite direction. I am a self proclaimed hair cut addict, so to have achieved the length which I have now, though not unusual, feels like a firm accomplishment. So basically I may embrace my current do, and finally sport the infamous top bun that is not only extremely sexy, but also a dream of mine. I mean, ultimately I don't feel like the top bun accurately portrays my gayness, or rather, the type of lesbian I want to be perceived as. I am definitely not as femme as one may think based on my current hair, hence said hair cut pondering. But, top bun wins in the end, at least for the next few months. We will see what 2011 has in store.

Yesterday was Tegan and Saras 30th birthday, as I tried to subtly hint in the latter post. I did not consciously celebrate as much as anticipated, though, before bed, 2 red stripes were consumed, one for Tegan and one for Sara. I usually do not drink on sunday nights, and I usually do not drink multiple beers in one sitting, so, I felt like this was necessary and celebratory. I also had a relatively awkward sushi dinner with my lady, (awkward in the sense that we were served by an ex date-y), but, I felt like that was a celebration in it's self, minus the consistent bouts of realization that I was living out a total nightmare.

Hope you enjoyed my talking about nothing but hair and girls and food.

I mean, why would you need to talk about anything else?


Image taken by my mama. All the love in the world to her. MUAH. (top bun example)
Second image is from a photo extravaganza held sunday. That is a best friends wildly beautiful, witty, and intelligent sister who I had not scene for 6 months. She has grown, it is surreal.

Hey, I almost forgot, If you are in need of stimulation or inspiration, check out on of my best lady friend's blogs. I adore her, you should too.

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