Thursday, September 23, 2010

stripes, stripes, stripes.

Blogger is prompting me to use its new and improved composition tool. It is awfully slick and sophisticated, jesus blogger, way to persuade my into being classier than I actually am.

So, I thought I would take a break from my vengeful cover letter writing, which is completed and so fucking convincing. I wrote it in under 20 minutes, with Fake Blood rap blaring into the crevices of my large ears. I should most likely get some second opinions, knowing me, perhaps even a third and fourth. But, its done. I am writing from the land of my mama's bed. It is the perfect bed. Her entire bedroom has the most brilliant ambience, her bed sinks and molds and sticks to the shape of your body. Her pillows are broken in, and she has chocolate brown sheets, so sexy. The perfect sheets for a perfect lady. You must know my sheet fetish, it is borderline distracting and totally intense. Good sheets change lives. My bird stares deeply into my eyes as I pensively stare at my computer screen. I come in here to decompress, to achieve calm. And that is just how I feel right now. Perfectly at ease. One of my best friends just sent me a picture via BB of a women wearing mens clothing, but obviously looking chic and not overly masculine. The image is called Boyishly charm, and she wrote, "thinking of you". I love my friends so much. It is nice to know they have a sense of who I really am, or at least this gem of a girl does. I had to mention that anecdote because it completely elevated me, I am smiling inside and out. I also am being slowly converted into using BBM. What will happen to my life? I will keep you posted. So, here I sit, laptop, books, fresh cup of tea, wearing STRIPES. omg, stripes. I have always loved a simple, striped garment, especially on a woman. There really is nothing better .I am wearing a navy striped cotton shirt, the epitome of comfort and effortless. Amazing how chic and refined stripes can make a person look, yet simultaneously youthful and stylish. Stripes for all.

I am going to post some of my own shots from sunday, and then wait patiently for a man to come look at one of the guitars I am selling for a lot of dough. Nearly 2000 bones to give you an idea. I hope he buys it so I can buy a pony or a diamond necklace or something. All body parts crossed.



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