Friday, September 24, 2010

abundant bones and jutting bones.

It happened this morning,

My lovely, sexy, underused,(should never have been purchased) Gibson guitar was sold to a seemingly nice middle aged man who bought it as a 20th anniversary gift for his wife. He seemed very happy upon leaving and I felt like a awkwardly decent business woman who had just finalized her first sale. The entire time I was playing out the payment scenario in my mind. Would he pull out a wad of 100's and gracefully count them out and hand them to me? Or would he expect me to count them? Of course it was very story book and he was very professional and counted them as he placed them into my hand, best of both worlds. I was glad to see my baby go to a good home, a la married couple with kids. She'll like that.

SO , IM RICH. Well, not really. But that secures nearly 2000 bones in my back account. Au revoir student loans. 

I still have yet to drop off resumes. I have been to distracted by the wad of bills on my coffee table (don't get any ideas). This said wad will be in the bank in a flash. I have been skype messaging like a maniac with my lady, and intelligently if I must say so myself. Azure Ray is todays band of choice, fucking heart wrenching music written by two beautiful women. Apparently I am being taken out tonight, for dinner. This is oh so cute. I sense sushi in the stars. Anyways.

I was going to write about getting in shape. I mean, my body is certainly not out of shape by any means. But I am rusty, unmotivated. I want a 4 pack again, or, I mean, at least strive for a 2 pack. I can still pick up boys and bike ride for 2 hours, and run relentlessly, so I am not a total lost cause. Maybe I will buy a Boflex with my new found fortune. That will do the trick.

Stay fit and have fun.



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