Friday, September 10, 2010

staying in; the new going out.

It's 1 in the afternoon.

It's friday. Where have the past 5 days gone? My recollection of this week is strangely vague, thin, choppy and unreliable. Shucks. I was going to dedicate this post to mornings, honey, and my new "staying in more often", (yeah right) lifestyle. However, I am feeling an affinity with short, potentially important anecdotes instead. All G? good.

Yesterday was a totally unexpected day in the life of me, really. I found myself, situated as comfortably uncomfortable as ever, at one of our local universities in support of two of my dear friends. I have never truly gravitated towards a university atmosphere, and I feel like in the event I ever did take up a course, or have an epiphany and decide to become a doctor, I would have a lot to get used to. The only post secondary education I have indulged in has revolved around quaint, intimate student bodies, so this robust campus population was totally foreign. Not to imply that my experience was not enjoyable, as it was actually quite fun. I was just surprised by my tolerance and interest in the people, and my patience with everything. I questioned my life path a few times when sitting in the "gay" room with ma girlz, while simultaneously thanking the universe for my friendship to them, they truly are amazing. I made a bold statement after leaving my "first day at university" and said they are what makes the gay room what it is. I still stand firmly behind that, regardless of the proposed argument. So, yeah, I had the time of my life. I saw dinosaurs, got rejected from entering a cafeteria, got a free water bottle, had purple lollypops, contributed to a slightly naive debate on rape and gender issues. Met some cute gay men, assisted a friend in unsuccessfully trying to bater a laptop, though she did a badass job. And to end off such a glorious day, lost my virginity to Prairie Ink restaurant and devoured the best salmon sandwich of my life.

I then made a totally overdue decision to stay in for once. To not converse and drink wine into the strange hours. I instead came home, had some girl time with my mama. I had my infamous steam bath, ate more salmon and tea. It was nice, I was tired, I really miss going to bed at a decent time. Though I missed the Sandbox party, I felt like another type of party was held. One more necessary and personal. I would have loved to have seen friends and marveled over cute girls. But, I actually spent some time this morning reviewing the pictures from last night, and so many ex girl crushes were present, which would have made it a tough night for me. Glad I went with my instincts. I texted my lady crush while in the bathtub, amongst other people. I like her texts, and her. I am becoming one of those people who text in the bath.

oh fuck.

so, on a final note. Listening to Eminem. Love the way you Lie. I am that badass. And, watching:




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