Monday, September 13, 2010

f off friday. Hi monday.

Joli revenir.

I woke up this morning unable to breath, literally, and frozen beyond my flesh, beyond my bones, beyond my capability to describe. I am contributing my lack of breath to legitimate allergies from some unidentified source in my bedroom, and as you may or may not know, I am a sad victim to allergic reactions. Nothing profoundly serious, just dust and dogs, and the most that usually happens I sneeze, cry as a natural reaction, loose lung capacity and on rare occasions, hives, rashes, ear aches, et cetera. Anyways. I was so bloody cold because I made a moronic decision to sleep naked, like full throttle. I NEVER DO THIS. ever. For reasons extending beyond comfort, but recently I decided to test the waters. I don't think I like it. I feel slightly sad waking up sans that warm jolt of realization you are under covers, between sheets. I like the friction created from the marriage of a pj shirt and a cozy blanket making babies while I vacate into dream land. I am sure I could get used to this, put on 10 pounds to compensate for my vacant pajamas. Ha!

So, I took a gentle break from blogging for a few days to regenerate my right brain. That completed, I have a few anecdotes in specific mixed with a healthy dose of shameless gossip for the road, or the day, or the night, or anything, or everything. On friday, as I sat blogging about my especially lovely thursday, I received a disturbing phone call from a dear friend who revealed to me she is not well, and is seeking some fairy extreme source of treatment to manage what she is dealing with. I had never had to mediate and give advice to someone SO in need before. I mean, I consider myself to be quite competent at human connectivity, but this was on a whole other freaking level. I stayed calm and gave her rational, sound advice. She seems to be doing okay. I am wishing her the absolute best. So, I then headed into work at a local hipster, boho, artistic coffee shop where I slave away serving coffee and mediocre sandwiches, but only on fridays. I like my job, as I work with friends and some of the most interesting people I have ever met. The gal I worked with that night, whom is quickly becoming a best friend, sent me into wild laughing spells and completely put me at ease, we had too much fun. We topped off the night with wine, cigarettes, talk about vaginas, death, drunkin shivering, and then all mutually (3 other friends joined) decided to go dancing at our only exclusive gay bar, yeah...

What happened at the bar that night, stays at that bar. But, it was painful, unnecessary, and completely horrible for a lot of people. Though, simultaneously, it opened up a lot of doors and forced a much needed conversation to occur over many swigs of whiskey on my aged couch until 7 am.

So, what did you learn from this post? Well, drama hurts, sleeping naked makes you cold, whiskey should always be kept on hand, I make a mean coffee, I use the word vagina at least 10 times a day, and, I am, no longer single. *brushes shoulders*.

amour toujours


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