Wednesday, September 8, 2010

independence. we all want it.

I am blogging.


I have obvious fountains and pools of sharing material, so please do brace yourself. I think I have to limit myself to one important post per day. Of course with the exception of the odd frivolous post here and there.

I just subjected myself to three movies/tv series in an evening. My mind is perplexed, and comfortably massaged. The thing is, I have concluded recently that I probably appreciate movies less than the average person, and much less than a movie enthusiast. It's not that I can't connect with the art form, and I am certainly intrigued by the fact that pop culture is so strongly influenced and intertwined with monumental movie moments and all that hoopla. I just can't get excited about a movie unless it is completely anticipated or expected. I guess it has something t do with being a photographer, or perhaps it's my short attention span? Anyhow, I watched Babies, which was incredibly touching and insightful and made me laugh. Then I indulged and watched Vicki Cristina Barcelona. Total gem of a flick, I love simple, non complicated, bare boned movies, so I appreciated that one tons. I would even say it's quite possibly one of my top favorite movies of the last 5 years, werd. I am embarrassed to state what I watched as a last choice, so I will keep it to myself. Take a guess though, if your right, you can pride yourself.

Okay. That is all.


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