Wednesday, September 22, 2010

artist Love: cass bird

So, this post is essentially my billizillionth attempt at asking Cass Bird subtly to marry me? Am I being to subtle? Do I lack tactic? Is she already married and I am just unaware of such things? Hmph.

Alright, So really though, Cass is one of the first photographers/artists I am going to be individually bloging about. I suppose my perspectives on her work are personal and I really am going to be writing about why I like her and not why I think everyone should or does, but, I am also going to include a ton of her photos for you to respond yourself. Cass was one of the first artists who really, I mean, REALLY inspired me to produce and execute my own vision. I had certainly had other mentors and consistent sources of inspiration but Cass had this suave and total rebellion to her work that caused me to drool at my computer screen, drowning my keyboard. I loved that for her level of recognition, which is still relatively low in comparison to other fashion/pop culture photogs, she was working with really revered subjects yet still managing to stay under the radar. At one point, her portfolio contained a lot of partially nude photos of androgynous women who appeared gay, though thats presumptuous of me to say. The level of intimacy her photos contain, and her ability to work within so many different genres makes her a jack of all trades. I remember feeling so connected to her and her subjects especially after seeing how many models and celebrities she has photographed in such an organic way. No makeup in most cases, no profoundly advanced lighting setups, nothing that would seem insular or elitist. She makes everyone seem so approachable and unguarded which can be impossibly difficult when dealing with people. The level of authenticity is what makes her work pop.

Above all, her fearlessness when it comes to showing the world her life and the images that document it is what I find the most endearing. I am pretty certain she also identifies as gay, (sorry for all the gay references, but gays love other gays), which also gives me another element of relativity to latch on to and more reason to want to marry her. There is a absolute favored image of mine, though they all tug at my heart, with some twenty-somethings sitting on a picnic blanket, and they are all different races for the most part and there is this intoxicating sense of ease they all seem to have with one another's presence. I often thought about the relation Cass had to them, I wanted to be their friend, or more accurately, wanted to be them. Or, I wanted to have taken that photograph, then, (perfect scenario), we would have gone and had a few beers or wine, and made dinner, because these people would have been my friends.

Cass makes life look effortless. She does not tiptoe around the taboo and the unconventional. She makes the conventional appear new and unordinary, and she delicately throws the unconventional at you, making it appear romantic and real and accessible. Another thing I quite admire is how Cass can take a portrait of Freja that completely stinks of her style and not of what the expected portrait of Freja may look like. She takes risks, takes chances, and there for opportunity opens up for her. Cause and effect people.

Cass, if you read this, I want to work with you. And no, we don't have to get married. I will be alright sans marriage. Plus, my girlfriend might be jealous.

Alas a post not about my life, this may be implemented as a regular event, as it makes everything feel well rounded.



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