Monday, September 6, 2010

Devotion is a bitch.


So, to come, is an slightly abrupt yet highly anticipated change of winds in blog-land.
To my devoted 8 followers, (recently I stole the attention of a mysterious 9th follower), please know that I will no longer be dedicating this lovely writing space to my mundane photographic antics, but rather, I am growing some ballzz, and will be exploring, exploiting, dabbling, and wallowing down a more personal path of blogging. I will still take to the pleasure of sharing my greatest love (photography) with you as much as I can fathom, and will stay as dedicated as possible to writing much more frequently. But, the end has come for the relentless, uninspiring, contrived blog posts for the sake of making a blog post.

You see, I have recently become subject to countless bursts of inspiration from writer friends to begin journaling my experiences and perspectives. I am completely taken by the idea, and terribly intrigued about being able to shamelessly write about myself some what narcissistically to hopefully anonymous followers. I really want to commit every fragment of my being to this, especially because I have so many crevices of stored/pent up ramblings and potentially completely useless knowledge to poison the minds of word hungry humans.

So, here it be. The new and improved blog experience. Expect nothing, or everything. Good and bad, insightful and pathetic, relevant and totally fucking random. Expect stories, adventures, complaints, political debates, drunken dilemmas, girl crushes, talk of clothing galore, intelligent thoughts, and a lack there of proper grammar, because I couldn't spell if I tried. Cest la vie, really.

I also think, for the sake of visuals, I will include an image with every post, as words are never complete with out an image. These images wont necessarily be my own, but rather something provoking and hopefully pretty from an artist that I respect. Oh, and leave comments, because clearly thats the hip thing to do, and who doesn't want to be hip.

Okay, I have a slumber waiting, and Amy Millan to eargasam to, and a girl to dream about.

And I want another tattoo, dream sweet.



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