Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's better fresh

It's that time of year again. The time when colors are just as common as cars on the road and everything is effortless and lustful and inspiring. I like to call this magical time, Summer, with a capital S. Summer is not the reason I never follow up to my commitment of blogging weekly, nor is it that I am non committal, I am just pre-occupied, or what honest people call (lazy).

Um, but, lets talk about farmers markets. I recently reconfigured one of my summer habits of frequenting a local french farmers market on St.Mary's road, google says it is pronounced "Jardins St Leon Gardens". That is not what I call it. BUT, it is lovely. I haven't grocery shopped anywhere but there for a few weeks now and have been cooking at home almost every day, every meal, as a result. I especially love the live music they sometimes offer, and that everyone is usually a few decades older than me. I feel like I am in a foreign place, and that I'm 12 again. There really is nothing comparable to eating something that has been prepared fresh in your home, purchased locally. The color, the texture, the scent. It takes you to another world. I know nothing as gratifying as cooking for my friends with the freshest of the fresh, the creme de la creme. I think this may be one of the aspects I miss the most in the winter, the lack of fresh life, color, the vibrancy. We have such an inherent trust in the romance of this season, and good food just comes with the territory. ANYWAYS, I bought these total killer onion and potato perogies and recently cooked them up with some black truffle cheese and fresh ground black pepper. I sat and swooned the dish for almost 20 minutes, then snapped back into the realization that I am a photo-gal and take pictures and should probably just take a picture as we all know they last longer. So, that I did. In fact, I took several, this thing basically had it's own bloody photo shoot. I have added a bunch for your eyes to see, hoping they evoke magic for you like it did for me. Oh, and I did eat it, when it was cold, an hour later.

So, I have also been shooting some absolutely amazing photos in new and mysterious locations. Check Flickr for a brief-age. Maybe one day I will begin posting on here again.



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