Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wasted Daylight

WHAT IS UP blogger people!

Man, talk about neglect. I notice it has been over a month since I last decided to spill my guts to my 8 followers. Well, let me tell you, a meaty, juicy month it has been.

All I really want to discuss is the diploma, (that has yet to make it's way anywhere honorable, it is lying on my coffee table, soon to be covered by coffee/water/ginger ale, I will keep you posted).

The concerts I have seen/marveled at. Pride, graduation, solstice, newly released albums, books, FASHION MAGAZINES, art galleries, food, bike rides that involve bike crashes, malathion, boys from America, overpriced cab rides and asshole cab drivers, riots/earthquakes in Toronto, and relentless rain in P-town, oh and the best friends ever. (I love you all, you should, if you are sober, know who you are). ha

It's been a good month. Though I could live without going to bed at 4am every night. I have seriously gotten into this nocturnal habit, which is not all that abnormal for me, but I'm not 14 anymore so.....


I am shooting some fabulous people, and have some big plans for the summer in photoworld. Stay tuned, or even better, be a part of it. If you are interested in modeling, have experience with hair and make up, and do not work a day job like a normal person, contact me.

I also started drinking Quebec beer, got the most attractive pair of shoes to date, (even better than the ones in the header), got a ton of work published in this months "Sandbox Magazine", good shit, get your copy! Don't forget to frequent Jazzfest goodies, and have a fantastic Canada day!


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