Sunday, November 22, 2009

CI: Color Block


How do we respond to it? I guess there is probably a universal way in which we can all relate to when it comes to how we respond to a specific tone, but I think it's fascinating to see how we each individually differ in that area. Doing this assignment, I went to some very specific areas to shoot my colors. I choose my favorite restaurant, and this fantastically colored hair salon that would probably be visible from another planet. The walls of the restaurant are a deep red, with blue wood pieces. The red always makes me feel so warm and elegant when eating, so I thought it might translate well in an image. Bright greens, and magenta tend to bring out a youthfulness in me. Those are colors I don't usually associate with, so I choose to do both of those. Blue comes close as being my favorite color to photograph. There are so many shades and variations, and all have a nice effect on me. I normally feel very calm and fresh around lighter blues, but darker blues make me feel cool and inspired, so I choose to do blue for those reasons. I think we all respond to color differently, but yet we can relate to a lot of feelings color brings out in as well. I enjoyed dabbling in color for this assignment, and I got to eat my favorite mexican food while doing it. Killed two birds with one stone, what can I say!

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