Wednesday, December 2, 2009

AT 11.2 Karsh Dec. 2nd/09


So after examining the Karsh exhibit at the WAG, I kept coming back to three images that obviously stood out to me among the rest. I found most of the images in the set, though powerful and monumental, rather dull and dark and hard to read. I did manage to find a specific image that strongly inspired me, and to me stood out profoundly in comparison to the others. Lenore Tawney , Nov. 14/59 was one of the few images with a vastly noticeable background and lighter tones. I love the overall end result, I feel she is positioned perfectly to portray her involvement in her craft and the fact that he decided to include the actual machinery in the image is amazing, great for an environmental approach . The weaving looks strangely similar to a pencil sketch to me, and has neat sort of fresh, modern energy to it. I think he was wise shooting from a mainly centered perspective, though a slight angle would have been nice to see, or even a vertical to have seen more of the machine. But wow, I am so engaged by the way he did end up composing it. Technically, I think he made some good decisions here. He finally decided to skimp on the darker tones, as most if not all of his work is so dark to me. I like that he dodged the background just enough, leaving the detail in her sweater, hair, skin, and thread still distinguishable. The contrast in her face is just enough to show her youth and add some vibrance with out drowning her out like his other work. She looks fresh and clear. I think the over all contrast levels are good, and the tones appear to be nice and even through out. I am assuming he burned most of the darker tones, so that worked out nicely. Over all I like what he's done, there is a nice balance and nothing, in my opinion would need modifying, Yay.

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