Monday, October 26, 2009

CI Field Trip 1

Oh yay, field trips. How nice to escape for a hour, or a few, to somewhere else.
Today we went to the Zoo. The good old Winnipeg Assinaboine Zoo, the place that I could have lived in as a child. Going back today, with cold feet and thin clothing, was nice. I found it invigorating to be one of only a few people there, along with the zoo workers, when in a few hours it would be populated with kids and adults attending Boo at the Zoo. I found myself more interested in observing the animals, than wanting to capture them. I was more drawn to the fabulous halloween decor and vibrant colors of fall that were to be seen. I had to stop for tea, and then had to hold the tea, so I missed some potential photo opportunities due to that, but I think I compensated later. The tropical house was a particular favorite for me, as I am a huge worshiper of plants and colors, I also found the fish to be stunning. I tried experimenting with depth, but succumbed to my addiction with the shallowness of my 1.4 lens. I loved how abstract I could be with the compelling colors of fall, and I ended up actually liking a pink tone, which is a usually failure for me. I had some difficulty capturing the animals from a distance as I was only equipt with a 50 mm. In the end, starving and cold, it was nice to head back. But I did score some killer shots, and had fun.

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