Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DT 2.1 Lines


This particular assignment I am going to review entailed capturing something that referenced the theme "Lines". I didn't actually initiate any shooting until today, and managed to wrap up in about an hour, by chance that is. I shot most of my shoots in/on a random industrial road I wound up on after driving around miserably looking for a Future Shop in horrible smothering traffic. I noticed this wicked structure made of colored poles, then continued stumbling upon pretty stellar objects or scenes on the same road. I finished shooting here and there and over all had a pretty effortless time seeing creative potential in just about everything I happened to set my sights on. I learned that lines are just about everywhere, if you really look. I am happy to say I can't seem to successfully note any challenges, besides the traffic. Grrrrrrr!

Lisa Varga

Group A

DT 2.1 Lines


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