Wednesday, September 23, 2009

100 Different Ways

Hi Friends.

For this assignment we had to carefully select three objects which we would intimately get to know and eventually photograph 100 different ways. There was no way I was going to go purchase "stuff" for this, clutter is not a friend at the moment, and as it is there are plenty of artistic, versatile gems lying around my room at any given moment. I choose a rocket I found at a coffee shop, my favorite Cd of all time, Tegan and Sara "The Con". And a spare feather that should have been an earring by now. I cleared space by shoving my laundry out of the way, turned on my crystal lamp, and went to town. The floor in my room is hardwood, that I painted black, so that provided a great foundation, super dramatic and reflective. Most of my shots were inspired by the light bouncing off of a object, and the placement was for the most part totally random. Due to the small size of my objects, it was super easy for me to be creative and shot 100 in very little time. I especially liked getting right on to the floor, face, mouth, and all. Felt strange but good. Over all, I really liked the results of this assignment. Lots of fun.

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