Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well Hi....
Favorite genre of photography.
I stand pretty firmly behind portraiture and fashion editorials. Anything with extreme expression or originality. I love the energy and result of a black and white portrait just developed in the darkroom, hence film would be my favorite technique/format. I also have found myself recently leaning towards more candid, street, documentary style work. Good, good stuff.

So school, what do I want to learn? I think my main focus aside from becoming more familiar with everything and gaining some effortlessness, would be to learn more digital technique. Gaining perspective on the commercial aspect of things and how to actually make a living would also be up there. But the whole experience should lead me somewhere good....I hope?

Favorites, doing what I do?
Man, I love the unexpected. All my most fabulous moments have come out of total randomness. But more importantly, I think using my best friends as primary subjects over extended periods of time as really thrown our relationships into different realms and has opened us to getting to know each other better artistically. I give lots of credit to photography for getting me better comfortable around people. Yay


Joyce M said...

What a great photo!

JaniqueT said...

Lisa i think you have a lot of potential and you will be going far with photography!! you have the right attitude and your style is different, fun and unexpected witch goes hand in hand with what type of photography your interested in... i also think it's really cool and awesome that you've only shot film until last week!! And i'm looking forward to seeing your work in the future ( Film and digital) but mostly film!!

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