Thursday, June 23, 2011

film from her.

So for my birthday, which yes, was a few months ago, my girlfriend, (the best woman alive), kindly gifted me multiple rolls of color film. Not only did this said gift completely charm my pants off, but it melted my heart simultaneously. For the record, the film was in addition to other incredibly thoughtful pieces that together potentially made up the best gift of all time. So alas, I don't typically shot film as a first resort these days, both for monetary reasons as well as immediacy concerns. But I will say, film will always be the creme de la creme of any format, which is precisely why I use it selectively and meticulously. I decided to use her film for a special, special occasion, but nothing arose, so I found myself shooting self portraits, typical. I wanted to post a couple, just for her to see, if she ever happens to stumble across this, which I truly, hope she does.

Talk oh so soon

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