Wednesday, December 1, 2010

c is for charm.

december wins in the charm department hands down. Contrary to popular belief, not even July or February could come close on this one. Valentines Day, pft, please. Do people actually still find that charming? I mean, the concept is lovely and I would still melt into a major sap receiving even a phone call from a girl on V-day, but its too commercialized to have that organic charm that December flaunts so confidently. December has that somethin somethin in the stars. The snow (better make snow angels with someone), the lights (better go for a walk with someone), the dropping temperatures (better get under a blanket with someone), the fact a major holiday falls into it's days fairly conveniently, the fact it focuses on family and community. I can't wait to live this month out, sans any really bold Christmas celebrations. So, go charm someone's pants off, tis the season after all. 

photo: Fashion Copious

- Ta Ta 

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