Sunday, November 14, 2010

general statement.

You know what I had for breakfast today? A mandarine spritzer and a luna bar. For lunch? Fish, tuna to be exact. For supper, fish. For lunch yesterday, fish, for supper yesterday, fish. I have developed the beginnings of a complex. I am addicted, in the best way possible. I am destine for mercury poisoning or I will come to my death by choking on a fish bone. No, but for realz, introducing fish back into my life has been nothing but a benefit, it has expanded my world, I feel better. I cooked dinner for my girlfriend last night, fish. Other things included, but not limited to: tomatoes, kiwis (organic ones cost me as much as a cheap bottle of wine), baby carrots, rice crackers, hummus, wine, and beer, oh and mandarine spritzers (also cost me my first born) and tea. There is a lot this girl has preferences towards, as do I, so I respect that, and she is awfully cultured and that intimidates me, or fascinates me, not sure. I think my first meal, made for her, was a complete success and thus left me feeling empowered in the kitchen, one of my favorite places of all. Ah cooking, I would love to be a chef, I really think I would. 

So that happened last night, hovering into the early morning, until alas I had to meet up with my mad murd bird friend for a shoot a la the Uniter for the Fashion Streeter column. Much fun was had, I waltzed into her apartment on 2 hours of sleep feeling like I had just been hit over the head with a drain pipe, yet somehow I managed to pull stamina from some crevice in my body and looked all gregarious and energetic. Am I human? Okay, okay. I am human, lets be real, I am just young, and youth is temporary, and so I am utilizing the perks now, so I have no regrets later. 

My hair is almost long enough to save my princess, Rapunzel anyone? I may not look gay in this state, (my wardrobe makes up for that), but I am enjoying this hair more than ever. I think I am growing this beast out, to my feet. Okay, not that long. 

Happy sunday. 

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