Saturday, October 2, 2010

little moments of truth

As I type this, I am lying on a brand spanking new sheet set (well, it was actually singular), but, my sheet hunt may finally have come to a temporary rest, maybe. I feel like I have been on the hunt for the perfect sheets for months now, and nothing seems to satisfy my needy needs, my critical tastes. I finally settled on the cheapest, (literally and figuratively speaking), most neutral ones I could find, and went with plain, bold, black. I texted my lass directly after I purchased them and she seemed to support my color choice, and declared it super sexy. I made a good choice, oh, and in case you were curious, my room does look très sexy with a black bed as the focal point, yikes. 

Today I was driving to my bank to deposit my hard earned dough, and I saw a male figure holding a extra vibrant looking child on his shoulders. He, despite her feather like weight, had the perfect suave swagger that was, to me, indicative of a lust for life. This man was happy, despite all there is to be unhappy about. And the girl, she had her head back in euphoria, and, it seemed that the second I glanced at them, she took in a large, airy breath of the intense sun light before her. I immediately felt really touched, light, weightless. I felt like I had witnessed one of those moments that get passed up all too often. A moment that represented what life should be, simplicity and gratitude. In that split second I felt like I had glanced at uninhibited, organic appreciation. There situation was not trying to generate any sort of validation or fulfill any expectation. They just were, it was perfect. 

I love moments like that. They don't happen very often, or perhaps I just don't register them when they do. But, like the instinctual urge or know as to when to snap the shutter to take a photograph, I feel like, as humans, we innately know when to really stare, to really take in what's before us. We can decipher when a moment is more than just a trivial repetition of the last, but something more infectious and rare, when everything about it seems to be perfectly insync with everything else. What's especially amazing is how those moments are different for all of us, and, perhaps it's like taking a mental photograph, only there is no tangible evidence. I am not new age, or even hyper spiritual, but something that I think about often I learned from my business teacher in photography school. Take note:(my teacher, who also happens to own the school and intrigues the shit out of me, and who's business class was more of a life coaching session, completely blew my mind with his teachings). He used to say that when all the elements of your life are in sync, (spiritual, business, or otherwise), the forces are multiplied, therefor opportunity and possibility are also multiplied. I was taken by that statement and apply it to my perspectives all the time. Not to say that any one moment should have any higher significance over the last, but, we play favorites  all the time, so why not play favorites here as well? Try and look out for moments of truth, of beauty, in your own life. Or even just the reinforcement, that life is pretty damn fascinating. Don't let them mindlessly pass you by.

I am off to get my self dressed to the nines for dyke night, more top forties and lucky, here I fucking come. 

Enjoy the night.


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