Thursday, May 13, 2010

Swallow Boldly

This post is most certainly a result or an attempt at redemption. I am wide awake at 2am, how I roll as of late. I am thinking pensively about my time, in all aspects. But mainly, how sparse my time is, I mean, I literally am booked solid with obligations and am all tangled in commitments for the next 4 weeks. Come summer, how I can already smell your air, feel your ways, late nights, lazy feet, romantic mishaps, unsuccessful gardening attempts governed by my 100 year old hungarian neighbor ( he is a god). I cannot wait. I have yet to decide where I will spend this coveted time, all my senses are screaming "go away". So that I may. I am boldly telling myself to be brave, all this business shiz, that I happen to find fascinating, is making me feel like more of an adult than I feel I qualify to be, though I have always been an ancient soul. I don't go more than an hour before some business idea takes over my body I am forced to the drawing books. I have a hunch I am a business woman at heart, would explain a lot, A LOT. So, enough rambling, Lisa! I really just wanted to post some inspiration for everyone drowning, or bravely wading in end of the year endeavors, soon we will see the light.

Also, can I remind all of you how prolific Hot Chip is. Shit!


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km. said...

LOVE the quote on the last photo

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