Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pages keep turning

Hello from the small fragment of my being that is still grounded and sane.
I have officially neglected to maintain a daily post, and am assuring myself that weekly is just as good, for now. This last week has been incredible. I was given 2 big projects for Sandbox magazine, and, conveniently enough, THE PRINT ISSUE. This meant 5 consecutive shoots in 5 days, on top of school antics. Did it, and am even satisfied with the results, which is an odd occurrence for a self proclaimed recovering perfectionist. Portfolios are in the process of materializing, spring crushes are going array, smoothies and patios are on the mind, and , as usual, life is progressing, pages keep turning, I mark of each day with a cross. Anyways, at your disposal are some recent mish mash editorial shoots featuring my beautiful girl pal RB. So please look, look, look, merci.

Also, it's picnic season, I am going on my first traditional picnic tomorrow, or at least my first one in years. Going to be fantastical. Subsequently, it is also tick season, or shit season, what evs. Either way, be on the look out, those things are horrifying.

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