Sunday, February 21, 2010

Movie Reviews at Prairie View.

Movie week:

So here is a short but thorough reflection of my experiences of this weeks movie "extravaganza".

Movie #1: "Oh brother where art thou"

I found this to be the most insightful and relevant of all the movies. Had lovely cinematography, the behind the scenes segment really offered interesting insight into post processing in cinema. I seriously had absolutely no idea that there was such dramatic processing applied, completely changing the presentation, wild! The movie was cute, not something I would have watched on my own. The colors were so saturated, reminded me of a fabulous film shot the entire time. The finished product almost looked like the editing I apply to my work in photoshop, cool. Every take could have been a photograph on it's own, as the lighting was always so dead on. Over all, nice plot, I laughed, and learned a little something. Great movie.

Movie #2: " One hour photo"

The last and only time I had previously seen this movie I was around twelve. That was a long, long time ago, and I had, for the most part, completely forgotten the premise of this movie.
In saying that, I can see why this movie was chosen, as there is a serious, consistent reference to photography the entire time, though not much in terms of cinematography or lighting really grabbed my attention. Aside from the fact that the majority of the scenes take place in a darkroom, a one hour photo lab, and around a point and shoot, I found this movie more leisure than anything. The quotes here and there were provoking, and the plot is really eerie, which left me completely terrified at times. Robin Williams is really what did it for me, and the concept of the film, the fact that a photograph is a documentation of the happy things in life, left me intrigued. Good film.

Movie #3: "Pecker"

If the name doesn't provide enough insight into the premise of this movie, I don't know what will. This movie was mildly funny, incredibly irritating at points, and consistently disappointing due to it's lack of realistic elements. Though the story line was cute, and there were a few awesome pick up lines, quotes, et cetera, I think quite a few people in my group were mildly disturbed. I was able to pick up on the story line, how by exploiting his friend's lives in order to gain recognition temporarily destroys his career and his relationships. Other than that, the fact he used a camera to produce images (his camera was magic, as he never advanced his film, and his vertically shot images turned out horizontal), and the fact he used a darkroom (or misused) were the only other references. I could have lived with out seeing this movie, but it was funny, sort of!

By LV.


Aly Lenhardt said...

I too would have never realized the post processing if we did not watch the behind the scene clip before. It was really something that opened my mind.
I really wish I didn't miss pecker with you guys though Manufactured Landscapes was pretty interesting.

Roman said...

Hey Lisa, I watched 2/3 of the same movies you did. I saw "One Hour Photo" and "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". I enjoyed both as you did. I really liked how you compared your own processing to that of "O Brother, Where Art Thou's" processing, really cool. I also liked your thoughts on "One Hour Photo" I think you make a good point about how the movie references photography throughout, good work. I also saw the movie when I was young (probably about 11 or 12 like you) and can now appreciate it more for it's story/acting.

Good work

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