Sunday, January 3, 2010

DT 13.2 Blogging Non-school related photos

My holidays, described as best, through a series of silly, passionate, and colorful photographs. Enjoy.

1)The Fyxx Christmas Extravaganza.

As per usual, I headed down to the infamous Fyxx christmas party with a couple friends in tow, to celebrate another year of outrageousness. A friend and co-worker decided he would bring a back drop and his camera gear so we could throw down a photo shoot of sorts. That did happen, and with decent, if not great results for a bunch of kids drinking wine and gin. After hours of dancing, scrumptious food, and loud chatter, the night was over for me. However, word is, after I left, things got scandalous and interesting, hence "apron dancing on tables". Too bad I missed out. All in all, another night I will never forget.


It seemed certain friends were the theme of my holidays this year. Two lovely ladies in particular. One being Hollee. That gal and I had numerous gatherings, in which we ended up swooning cameras and polaroids, which I happened to get in the mail during my time off. On one occasion, we were experimenting for a CI project, and we started spitting out some breathtaking shoots, under the most insane light I have seen in a while.

3) Tofurky.

For christmas dinner this year, in accordance to the last couple years, I prepared a tofurky feast. Put simply, the thing is a giant ball of tofu that tastes almost exactly the same as a turkey. I love love love them, and I love how so many people are completely perplexed by it. I also prepared some yams, and other goodies, to create a feast of lovely christmas indulgence.

4) Aly.

Aly and I spent some special quality time with each other this holiday which was wonderful and hilarious at the best of times. I have admittedly not been a library goer in my adult life, and had only been there once before these last few weeks, but after Aly and I ventured down there and I was introduced to the incredible light available, along with the peaceful setting, I have become hooked. We shoot some casual portraits, both for personal and school use, that are currently blowing my mind. I hope they do the same for you.

5) Janine.

Another chicka from school, Janine, accompanied me on a few shoots this holiday. We had originally sought out the scrumptious library light, but coming to the discovery that they were closed, I suggested we go to The Hotel Fortgary. As a sometimes terrible bored teenager, friends and I liked to go on adventures in downtown buildings, and that was often one we spent countless hours in. So that being said, I know all the huts and havens of the building and so we were well set up to take some neat shots. We discovered a interesting walk way with great light, but the night had robbed us of all it's potential. I shoot her anyways, and worked with what I had.

6) Me.

This is a self portrait from that same day with Janine. Though it partially covers the same event, I feel that it in some way, completely summarizes my entire holiday. I absolutely love this photograph, which is why I could not resist the temptation of including it in this assignment.

7) Carman.

I am pretty much a awkward, domesticated, city girl who only leaves this city by plane. That is, until I drove out to Carman with Aly to visit Andrea. I was very excited to be going, and honesty, a little anxious to be leaving my lovely city boundaries. But man, despite fearing loosing both feet to frost bite, so much was accomplished and seen. Small towns amaze me, and I feel like it was nice to have gotten away, if only for a day. We found a kitten, got mulled by its mother, visited the mills and the hills, stopped at a posh little diner where the barista could not believe I ordered a perrier, saw andrea's bedroom and carpeted walls? yes, carpeted walls! Froze, visited a thrift store, drove down a one way the wrong way, forgot my charging battery in the wall of a restaurant, shoot an abandoned brick factory, froze some more. Great fun.

8) Mike.

Yet another dear friend and I got together for some potential shooting fun. Mike, an aspiring, talented artist, let me photograph his lovely studio, and his lovely face. It was so cold on this day, and even in his apartment, I had to wear my jacket and hat. We also walked to the library, ha. and had a lovely dinner afterwords, which included taking the bus, something I need to get better at doing. I included a shot of mike and his closet, as I couldn't pick just one.

9) Dinners.

This write up is in honor of all the dinners and lunches that were had during the course of three weeks. If I am right, I would estimate that I ate out (at the same restaurants) also including potlucks about 25 times. Each time was special and cherished, but by the end of my time off, I felt like there was no where to eat, as all options had been exhausted, and I am horribly particular about where I eat out. So here is the image that represents all my meals, so tasty.

10) Circumstances.

This is not really an event, but more like a observation that was present during my whole time off. The COLD! I am not generally a complainer, nor do I dislike it, in fact, I find it very invigorating. But when your not dressed functionally, for -40, and your shooting outside, you feel that cold like never before. I especially love the sunsets at 5pm on a extremely cold day. The reflection on the buildings is so surreal. So this image is in honor of all those cold shoots and days, and for that are to come.

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