Sunday, November 28, 2010

yellow at noon.

Sundays seem to have this running theme for me, a theme that would be much more enjoyable had I any "going to bed on time" skills. I guess that theme is "having to get up early", which is precisely what happened this morning. Today I planned to shoot the Fashion Streeter, for like the trillionth time in a few weeks, which is tres tres delectable. My birthday buddy, and basically my soulmate and I met up at our gal pal J's pad and shot the shit for 25 minutes or so. I was late, so so late, also a frequent situation I find myself in. She understood, like a soulmate should. This said apartment space was so J, so J. Never in my life have I crushed so hard on pale yellow before. Every single room, sans the bedrooms were painted yellow, and the rims were white. How complimentary, those two colors, and how suiting for my friend. Two cats scoured the floor like girls on the town, wild and free yet alert and eager. One poked it's tiny whiskers against my leg, as if to welcome my company, to validate my presence. I am always so pathetically curious as to how people will match their apartments, if their spaces will be anything like how I had imagined. I love being proved wrong, being surprised if anything. I think a home is such an intimate space so I am always so honored to be invited to said homes, apartments or otherwise. I still live at home, though I feel like my and my mums house is pretty indicative of who we are as people, what we stand for at this point and what we believe in. I feel like it is representative of my life as it is now, living with her, my best friend. Living with my mum is like having the most compatible roommate. Someone who understands and respects boundaries, yet who also cares immensely and stays completely honest with you. I am lucky. So, when I finally do move out, I think I will create an entirely different aesthetic, something that represents a new chapter of my life. Thats so sad to think about. I don't know when I will be entirely ready for that, or when I will be forced to be ready for that. Yikes, yikes, yikes. 

So alas, here is a photo a la Ayla. One of many to come. 

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