Thursday, October 28, 2010


Congratulations Winnipeg. 

Not only did you embark on yet another four whole years of mismanaged, conservative, non progressive, disappointing mediocre politics, but it looks as though we have also reached the deep, dark days of the soul in weatherland as well. I was awoken by a bright, hopeful sun this morning, conning me into believing I could successfully bike the day away, sans bussing, to my car of all places. (long story). Anyways, my bike chain failed me, let me down completely. I then kept riding my bicycle, hoping it would magically jerk itself back into place. Alas the magic didn't work itself, but my bike ride was successful, and sadly that was probably the grand finale, the last straw of the good old bicyclette for this year. 

So, I have to regretfully cut this post short, as it is 2 am and my body is loosing its stamina, my mind its focus. I want to write a post on dreams, and dream interpretation, so thus, expect said post tres tres soon. I suppose I could call tonight's prospective dreams experimentation material, (lets hope I dream). If anything I hope I dream up the bestest treatment for my hallows eve costume. I am admittedly too lazy to go out of my way and put any extensive thought or effort into being anything mind blowing, so me and my friends decided on being men, yeah. I'm thinking suave, classy, refined and streamlined. Cigar, top hat, suit style. I suppose that might be tough to pull off, but I think I should at least try and emulate some sort of costume this year, It has been much too long since I have truly celebrated the festivities of halloween. Now is the time. Oh, and, how the hell could I forget, Stars is playing tomorrow, one of my top 20 favorite bands. I am going with one of my most entertaining, engaging friends who will predictably make me dance and scream and all that. Can't wait. 

Okay, time to visit the sandman. 

ps: had a 7 hour tele conversation last night. record. 
pss: new favorite word, whimsy. 
psss: sorry for the photographic dry spell on my part, it is killing me, I need to take pictures, I am in the most dangerous of withdrawl states. soon, soon.   

Below: my tribute photo to my last date with la bike. And other things on my mind. 

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