Sunday, October 24, 2010

i skip a beat when i see her in the street.

Hello from my bedroom, 

my bedroom filled with the scent of freshly cooked salmon fillets a la mashed yams with garlic and homemade tomato sauce. Dinner was dizzily made tonight, as I was too tired to go sit sophisticatedly at my favorite sushi restaurant for my daily dose of bakudan. I slept for a compiled 10 hours this weekend, leaving me malnourished in the sleep department and barely able to lift my limp body out of bed this morning, I could have chilled with the sandman forever. But I made it, raccoon eyes, hickeys and all. Ha. Today I was in a store that I frequent every second weekend and I caught myself dead in the eye in a mirror. Honestly, I had the worst raccoon eyes, THE WORST. I don't ever get circles under my eyes, I thought that I would forever by exempt from such monstrosities, but alas, they have arrived. I made a promise to myself right then and there, while standing tense and horrified as people passed by, that I would actually sleep 8 hours tonight. That promise will be fulfilled as I am subconsciously inching my way closer and closer to my bed after every key thats punched, every sentence finished. I dropped of a resume today, and visited my favorite cyber cafe to borrow their printer. This said computer haven has been home to my printing needs since I was 16. I remember going there to print off my first resume, almost 6 years ago, holey hell. They have moved locations, resulting in a significantly shittier, dim, dull interior as compared to their sassy, unexpected former location. F u rent, forcing wholesome businesses into horridly small spaces, so sad. But, buttt, heres the cherry to this anecdote. The one thing that remains tradition is that they have clocks, a whole plethora of them, with the time of all the major metropolitan cities. I have always been so intrigued by that, immensely. I even occasionally use that feature on my cellular devise, and check the times through out the world. I feel less alone on lonely days and it just overall elevates my mood. I love knowing that the world never sleeps, how romantic. Anyways, back to resumes. I dropped off a resume today that hopefully gets me what I want. Basically I applied to be one of 6 individuals to get paid 15 bones an hour to hang out in an art gallery giving casual tours and general maintenance/customer service duties, easy as pie. The hours are flexible, and all other aspects of the job seem impeccable. But, we will see what transpires. Thanks to Kristel for the recommendation. You rock girl.

So, I will write about my weekend in a post to come, as it really only consisted of conversing , coffee serving, dreams of picture taking, kissing, birthday celebrating, not sleeping, wanting to sleep, dancing and dancing and dancing and telling zombies to fuck off, spooning and caring and feeling thankful and hopeful and listing to hip hop and people watching and driving half awake and sushi eating and mate drinking and chocolate eating and texting and writing and hugging and flirting and hitting on my girl and seeing long lost friends and buying a new shirt and having two nights in a row with my lady and beer and cloves and finally, bieber. 

Justin Bieber and I have been hanging out all night, keep that on the hush hush hush.

Thanks Janine for the feaverish link. Here is some work from a photo mastermind. 


And I was like baby, baby, baby, ohhhhhhhh.

Photos: and a misc source. sorry.

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