Tuesday, September 7, 2010

rested yet restless

I officially awoke this morning at an impressively "normal" time, having gotten 8 hours of shut eye on the dot.

This is good, slightly terrifying, that I am becoming "normal" again, yet still good.
I indulged in one of my habits and kept a song on repeat all night, and alas just put it to rest. The song will remain anonymous, for both of our sakes.

I had no water up until 5 minutes ago (some construction hoopla), meaning no shower, toilet, anything sanitary for that matter. I always end up forgetting this and using or attempting to use all the bathroom devises and then breaking the shit out of something. I did in fact flush the toilet this morning, (my mom is going to stab me), but everything still seems to be in working order. I was greeted by 5 nearly exploding water bottles from my mama and her visa card on my night stand, as though the latter would save me in a near dehydration disaster? Perhaps it was intended to be for periodic online shopping visits while I am waiting for my water to return to me. I guess I will never know.

I am going for a most amazing lunch with two of my best holmettez in approx. 1 hour. I can't wait, I have so much love for these cats and specifically today will be spilling my guts to them, in regards to a serious girl crush and life decisions. So, I should get myself ready, though, evidently I don't have much to do. I woke up smelling like honey, (I know, right?). Probably the result of drinking copious amounts of honey tea /cookies before bed. So I really just need to throw on presentable clothing and brush my teeth now that the water is here. I thought I would compensate for not really having a focal point in this post, and include 5 photos rather than one. Evidently the topic was going to be about photographic inspiration anyways, but I didn't end up going there...

Okay, and, clearly I lied when I said 5 photos, 6 it is.




All images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/katarina_smuraga/

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