Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily Gemzz

What a morning, a overcast, slow, disheveled, morning. These past few months have found me awake and flowing with creative energy late into the night, and subsequently, early in the morning. Do I sense a change? The 10 months at pv are boldly coming to a close, as I ponder what shall come after departure from a truly epic place, sigh. Business decisions are smothering my mind with their fancy appeal, and website templates, new gear, new cities, relationships, and dreams are demanding my full attention like a new baby out of the womb. Overwhelmed would be an understatement, but whatever the right word, I am contently so. Before I enter into a session of profound rambling about my experiences and so forth, I shall skip to the point of this post. First off, I am strongly feeling a name change, something more ritzy and potentially hip, at the risk of being cliche. Another option is a new blog all together, which sounds much more appealing come to think of it. Second, I am finally succumbing to my urge to regurgitate or more appropriately, share some inspiration and out takes, yes out takes, check flickr for less mediocrity. So, here is a peek into a crevice of my last couple weeks.




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